1. My web chat shows a blank page after creating it?
This can happen if our server is very busy, so just go to the customize section and click on edit button next to your web chat, when editing page loads click on save button.

2. Is the ask support forum in my Admin Panel viewable by others?
No, this forum is viewable by you and the support team.

3. Can I filter my room to not display bad words?
Yes, Add mode “G” to your room. (Example: /mode #mychat +G)

4. I have forgotten my room password, how do I retrieve it?
When you enter your room on the server type in the input text box: /CS SENDPASS #room_name_here and hit enter and an email will be sent to the channel founder. (Example: /CS SENDPASS #mychat)

5. How do I ban a user from entering my room?
There are 2 ways:
A. Through ChanServ: /CS BAN #Your_Room_name_here User_to_ban_nick_here Type your_Reason_here
Example: /CS BAN #mychat Bad_User you’re not welcomed here
Note: If nick is not given, it will ban you. If channel and nick are not given, it will ban you on all channels you’re on, provided you have the rights to.
B. Through Channel mode: /mode #room_name +b User_to_ban_nick_here
Example : /mode #mychat +b Bad_User

6. How can I delete my account?
In Account Settings click on Deactivate URChat account.

7. Some user is using my nick! How can I recover it?
By using the NickServ RECOVER command, it will allow you to recover a nickname if someone else has taken it.

8. What’s the different between Channel List and Web chat list?
The web chat list contains many of our members created ‘hosted’ chat rooms; these rooms are permanent although they may not be active. The channel list is the currently active chat rooms that have people chatting in them right now! It may also contain active web chat rooms.

9. How can I set a channel Key?
Through channel mode: /mode #room_name +k 123456
Change 123456 to your desired channel key that you want to set.
To remove: /mode #room_name -k 123456

10. How to hide my room from the channel list?
By using channel mode: /mode #room_name +s.

11. How to turn on my room statistics?
If you have created your webchat, and registered your Nick and your channel name on the IRC server go to the Create Webchat section on this website find your webchat name in the “Your Web Chat List” and click on the Request button under the Request StatsServ1

12. Can I add my room to my website?
Yes you can. After you create your web chat on our website click on create webchat again to show the “Your Web Chat List” click on “chat to go” button on the same row as your web chat, a popup window will appear fill in few fields to customize it and copy the code to your web site.

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