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Our Chat can be added to you’re website for free, the only required thing is that your users have Java enabled web browser. There’s nothing else for you or your users to install.

We don’t display any banner ads or popups on your site or try to install anything else such as adware or spyware! But if you want to support us you can join the effort and help us grow by: spreading the word about our site, linking to us through your website, downloading our toolbar, or buying from our eShop.

We’ve made adding a free chatroom to your website as easy as possible. Please take a moment to read our Terms of Service to ensure your channel won’t violate our common sense polices.

If you already registered a channel on URCHAT, jump to step #4.  Otherwise start with step #1.

Connect to URCHAT: If you are a novice computer user we suggest you use our Web Chat to join the server and start chatting right away. If you’re more experienced with computers we suggest you download and use your own IRC chat client. (With an IRC  client there are three basic steps involved in joining the network — selecting and downloading an IRC chat client, configuring the client, and logging on to a server.)

All commands in the following steps are typed into the Web Chat or an IRC chat client that is  connected to URChat. If you should require any assistance with the following  steps please don’t hesitate to ask for help in our #help chat.

Register your own nick:

Make sure your nickname is one you want to use while moderating your chatroom. To change your nick type /nick new-nick. Replace new-nick with the nickname you want to switch to and hit enter. Note: Your nickname should only consist of English letters and may not include spaces and should not include punctuation.

Copy the following  /msg nickserv register password email to the chat client. Replace password with a unique password you can remember, replace email with your email address. Please remember that passwords are case-sensitive. Double check your password and email address then hit enter. (Whenever you reconnect to the network you will have to  Identify yourself to NickServ, to do this you’ll type  /ns identify password .)

Register the channel name:

Firstly, to create a channel, select a channel name under 30 letters long  (not including the pound [#] sign) and type  /join #channelname. Example,  if you wish to select the channel name #MyFirstChannel, you will type  /join  #MyFirstChannel. Note: Your channel name may only consist of English letters  and may not include spaces. Once joined be sure you have Ops (@) besides your nickname.

To register a channel, you can use  /msg chanserv register #channelname password here channel description here. In  this example, we will register the channel #MyFirstChannel using sMio65T as the password and A Cool Chat Channel as its description. So, you will type:

/msg chanserv register #MyFirstChannel sMio65T A Cool Chat  Channel

Please remember that passwords are case sensitive. Example, PIXI and pixi are not the same. (If you do forget the channel password, you may  use  /msg chanserv sendpass #channelname your email .) Once done, you will get a response message from ChanServ informing you it was successful and some information that is important to be read. For more information on ChanServ commands and options, you can refer to our  ChanServ Commands Guide at our Services help section.

Click here to run the Web Chat Setup wizard.

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